Bellingham Mayor Kelli Linville Welcomes BSCA Ski-To-Sea Team

Friday, May 22, 2015- Bellingham, Washington’s Mayor, Kelli Linville, welcomed international visitors to City Hall today with the presentation of honorary citizenship certificates and warm words of greeting. The visitors are athletes and delegates from three of Bellingham’ s sister cities, here for the Ski to Sea race on Sunday, May 24. The athletes are; Eriko Kondo and Kazuki Wada of Tateyama, Japan; Bavuugarid Batbaatar from Tsetserleg, Mongolia; and Mr. Kim In-Hweon and Mr. Im Chan-Gyu from Cheongju, South Korea. In addition, Mrs. Kim Bo-Kyung from Cheongju and Mr. Erdenedelger Munkhjargal and Mr. Adilbish Badmaanyambuu from Mongolia were in attendance as honored guests. Also at the gathering this morning with our international friends were their host families, four Bellingham Sister Cities Association board members, and Malcolm Oliver, Director of Multicultural and Support Services at Bellingham Technical College.

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The BSCA believes that sports and the arts are fantastic ways to help spread world peace, and are excited to be participating in the 2015 Ski to Sea race. Already this year, Bellingham residents went to Tateyama, Japan in January for the Wakashio Marathon, and in just a couple of months, residents of Tateyama will be coming here for the Bellingham Bay Marathon in September. United We Dance, a local dance company from Bellingham, will be going to Japan this summer to spend a week in Tateyama and a week in Tokyo. Sports and the arts are just a few of the ways people can learn about new cultures while participating in something that they love and enjoy doing. The bonds between new friends that are created by these events last for many years and are some of the best kind of memories one can make.

Please consider joining the BSCA as either a corporate, and business, a family, or an individual member. In doing so, you are helping to spread world peace, one friendship at a time. You can sign up here on the website or see our membership chair, Setsuko Buckley, at any of our events.

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