Bellingham runners arrive in Port Stephens, Australia and meet up with runners from Tateyama, Japan

Nigel Dique, Chairman of the Port Stephens Sister Cities Committee reports the runners from Bellingham and Tateyama are in Port Stephens safely ensconced with their home hosts, all very excited and in good health, but a wee bit tired.

Nigel met our runners at the airport in Sydney and after accompanying them to Newcastle by train from Sydney he says “We gave them a quick ‘Cook’s tour’ of Newcastle.” and continues, “Today there will be a mayoral reception and other activities including a visit to a koala park”.

BSCA Marathon Exchange Program Director, Holly Graham is with them and reports “Just wanted you to know we are here in Port Stephens and having a great time. Everyone is so nice and accommodating and it is beautiful here.  We are on our way now to meet with the mayor, then off to pet some koalas.”

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