Call For Volunteers!

Dear Bellingham Citizens and Sister Cities Enthusiasts,

Thank you for your interest in international understanding and friendship.  We are excited to sound this call for volunteers like you to join one of our seven city support groups, help us complete special projects at hand, or perhaps serve on the Bellingham Sister Cities Association (BSCA) board.

Bellingham is proud of our network of seven sister cities around the globe and our 60+ years of promoting world peace.  We do this by maintaining a strong tie with each of our sister cities and organizing exchanges.  You can help with this.

We invite you to get familiar with the opportunities and criteria via the links described below.  Depending on what you want to do, simply join and enjoy by becoming a member, go further and help with one-time tasks, or become active in one of our city groups.  Perhaps you’d like to apply for a board position. Any way you choose, you become an example of how Bellingham shows the world we represent the “best of humanity”.

To take Bellingham’s unique style of citizen diplomacy to another level, we recently launched an effort to inter-connect all seven of our sister cities beyond our typical 2-way relationships.  Your help and leadership through your enthusiasm and expertise will not only deepen our own, but can now open up a whole new world of friendships for others.

The BSCA is its own non-profit, is fully self-funded, and serves as an advisory board to the Mayor.  It operates under democratic protocol and is subject to public disclosure and accounting.  All who serve are expected to embrace the spirit of volunteerism, conduct themselves with integrity, and eschew personal gain.

Our mission is lofty yet compelling.  And it may just be attainable through love, persistence, and an appetite for fun and adventure.

We look forward to your participation!

Ross Grier, 2019 President
Bellingham Sister Cities Association,

Links are provided to:

Arjaa Rinpoche Khadag Presentations

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