Meet the BSCA Sister Cities Ambassadors Ski to Sea Team!

Today’s installment of “Meet the BSCA Team” introduces you to our Ski to Sea racer from Tsetserleg, Mongolia. We hear he is super excited to be participating in this year’s Ski to Sea race on May 24.

BavuugaridBavuugarid Batbaatar is 29, single, and the Head of the Governor’s office for Arkhangai Province in Mongolia and has his Master’s Degree in Business Administration. Here’s your geography lesson for the day; Bellingham’s sister city, Tsetserleg, is a district in Arkhangai Province.Tsetserleg has quite the biking community going and so the committee decided that he would be perfect for the cross-country leg of the Ski to Sea race.

MongoliansAlong with Bavuugarid, we have three other visitors from Mongolia in Bellingham; Batjargal Mishka, Lieutenant Governor of Arkhangai Province who raced as our road biker last year; Erdenedelger Munkhjargal, the Chairman of Citizen’s Representative Khural of Erdenebulgan soum; and Tuvshintugs Chuluunbat, another member of the Tsetserleg City Council. The picture is of Adilbish, BSCA Board Member Bolor Smith’s uncle, Erdenedelger, and Bavuugarid.

The BSCA would like to thank Jack’s Bicycle Center for donating bikes for the use of our Mountain Bike and Cross-Country Bike race leg athletes, who will be coming from Tsetserleg, Mongolia and Cheongju, South Korea. You will be meeting the rest of our team, Gabe Starbuck, Kyle Nelson, and Max Baker, in the next installment here on the BSCA website and our social media pages. 

Call Jack's Bicycle Center!

Call Jack’s Bicycle Center!

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