Post-Typhoon Hagibis Update From Our Friends In Japan

This photo shows blue sheets on damaged houses from the previous Typhoon Faxai in Tateyama, Chiba prefecture on October 11, 2019.

Kunio Okayasu, good friend and former colleague of BSCA Past President John Gargett reports from Tokyo on Saturday, October 12:

Here comes sunshine and blue sky and breeze.
No gusty wind last night in Tokyo.
We are all safe and well.
Tateyama again lost power in the midst of gust on coastal area.
There were some tornados in neighborhood city north of Tateyama.

More than a couple of dozen rivers swelled and water over river bank, and dike swept away and inundated cities and farmland.
Defunct nuclear power plants are still there with no further damage.
Recovery ahead will take time but not for long.

There will be world cup rugby game tonight, Japan VS. Scotland.

Thank you for your concern.

Japan Beat Scotland 28-21 in that match.

Another BSCA friend and Member, Murray Hill, was able to capture this image of the Tama River in Tokyo after the Typhoon.

Tama River Banks in Tokyo after Typhoon Hagibis


As you will see in the next image, Tama River is quite full.

Ordinary view of Tama River Photo credits:


And just for fun, during Murray’s last visit to Tateyama, he got the chance to dress up in some fun traditional Japanese gear!

Our Friend Murray dressed up on a previous visit to Japan


If you would like to continue to support the ongoing recovery of Tateyama from both of the devastating Typhoons your donation can be made by clicking on the link below.  Be sure to mention on the message line at the bottom of the page “The typhoon disaster relief donation”.  Your continued support is greatly appreciated during this challenging time for our sister city.

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