Punta Arenas Chair Takes Exchange Students To Heritage Flight Museum

photo 4-4February 7, 2015, it was a great day for a field trip; winter sunshine, 58* and a 45 minute drive to the Heritage Flight Museum at the Skagit Airport.  Captain Paul Myers and I , Cheryl Myers the appointed Sister Cities Chair person to Punta Arenas, Chile, picked up our Punta Arenas exchange students in Bellingham and drove southward to our destination.

Three high school juniors packed into the back seat of our Subaru SUV allowed for them just about enough room to breathe, providing they placed their lunch stuffed backpacks in the back. The drive, though somewhat uneventful, provided us with a hint at the early spring that was approaching.  Many of the fields were already pushing up tulips, a crop that is a huge industry in this local . Hundreds and hundreds of acres of tulip blooms annually  provide a spectacular tourist attraction in May, but this year is moved back to April. Sorry our Students could not  be here to witness that!

photo 4-3Arriving at the small airport, Andres noted that the airfield was similar to one near their home vicinity.  Upon entering the museum, we two adults were not too sure how long this place would hold our charges attention span.  With World War II, Korean and Vietnam Air-fighter planes, helicopter and ground transport equipment, as well as a 1/3 scale model of Apollo 8 command module on display, we were prepared to allow for an hour or more depending on interest. Being pleasantly surprised, we found that Victoria and Constancia were as captivated as Andres. Three and a half hours later, after climbing onto and into much of the equipment, watching Greg Anders take off and do several low pass flybys in his AT-6, as well as and having a photo op  with Lt. Colonel Greg Anders (the son of  Apolo 8 Moon trip Maj. General William Anders) it was time to head back, “home.”


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